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Preaching & Teaching

They will not Come; They must be Brought.

They will not Seek; They must be Sought.

They will not Teach; They must be Taught.

If every soul, saves a soul - every soul will be Saved!


Our New Church Location

O.C.C.F. started in October 2017 in West Point, Mississippi. We have endured over the years because of our faith in God and our love for people! we invite you to celebrate with us! If you are inspired to help us rebuild faith, love, and hope in others - please contact us, anytime!

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October 10, 2021

You Don't Want It Your Way!

After their exodus, the Children of Israel are wandering in the desert, being influenced by the Mixed  Multitude. Pastor J delivers a powerful word about not complaining about God's provision and being careful who you're running with.

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October 10, 2021

Do You Know Him [track]

Da Bishop, Wun80, and Pastor J sampled this track with their own message to the World. 


This may not be to your liking. But somebody may only hear the Gospel message of Christ this way.... Recorded in Jackson, MS By: Followers of Christ

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Project Name


Pastor J doing what he do! 

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